Sometimes nuclear weapons don't have to be detonated to cause disaster.  

Poor old Zawanda is in a mess: the economy in meltdown, people unable to give up their age-old enmities. The news that Britain will cut off the country's foreign aid looks to seal the nation’s fate until educated, young president Frederick Zawutu hits on a daring scheme. He will embark on a game of bluff designed to make the West believe the tiny Central African country has acquired a nuclear weapon.

Everything goes to plan until the English arms dealer Zawutu has set up to unwittingly play the part of supplier proves to be too good at his job.

Hawthorn's Hill is a light-hearted novel about modern Africa, the follies of diplomacy, tribal conflict, and the characteristics of race and sex.

Launched in February 2020 and available now on Amazon Kindle and from Whisper Publishing, (See their website) Denis' latest novel The Leak involves tragic deaths, the secret manufacture of a modified nerve agent and the often-conflicting efforts of the police, Security Service, a security company investigator, and the press to uncover the truth


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