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Launched in February 2020 and available now on Amazon Kindle and from Whisper Publishing, (See their website) Denis' latest novel The Leak involves tragic deaths, the secret manufacture of a modified nerve agent and the often-conflicting efforts of the police, Security Service, a security company investigator, and the press to uncover the truth.


Featuring two characters from The Leak – Dennis Royle, a security company investigator and Julia Havers, an investigative journalist – Abandoned, Denis’s latest work tells the story of a missing female MI5 agent. Royle and Havers strive to find the girl in an atmosphere of distrust, institutional deceit, and obstruction.


A DR400 light aircraft crashes on landing at Oakbarn 

private airstrip killing the pilot and his foreign passenger. Air crash investigators discover sabotage and a cache of uncut diamonds in the aircraft. Two days later fire destroys years of archive service records. Are these events connected? Dennis Royle is engaged to find out while his nemesis, Julia Havers, is already asking questions in The Sentinal. 


The Baath party is back in power in Iraq and threatening Kuwait again. Britain's contribution to the the multi-national military effort assembled to contain Iraq is a Brigade group in which Hawthorn, now a lieutenant Colonel, commands an Infantry Battalion. Typically, breaking all the rules, Hawthorn delivers a killer blow to Iraq's nuclear ambitions